Lady In Red is an ode to the modern African woman of today; empowered, worldly, independent, liberated, yet still rooted and guided by their ancestral traditions, customs and ideology.

Lagos based contemporary artist, Adubi Mydaz Makinde, draws inspiration from the 1920's Harlem rennaisance era; where liberated women such as the flappers, shocked and awed contemporary society, by engaging in smoking, drinking, gambling, and acts of sexual frivolity, as a way of asserting their right of agency over their bodies, and to undermine gender roles and societal expectations of women.

Equally, Adubi's passion and admiration for ancient African culture shines through in his work, as evidenced by the clear artistic reference to medieval Yoruba face masks, and first century Egyptian Coptic art. This juxtapostion of ideals and style, speaks to the multi-facted and complex nature and role of the contemporary African woman today.